Empower a Woman, Give a Cow



Invisible Girl Project (IGP) seeks to end gendercide (the selective killing of girls and women) in India.  One of the ways IGP combats gendercide is by empowering women. 

IGP’s partner provides a cow on "loan" to a mother of a little girl.  The mother will earn an income from the sale of the milk that the cow produces.  The mother then pays back the loan from the sale of each liter of milk.  The $1000 cow loan is usually paid back over a period of a year.  That money can then be used to "pay it forward" to the next woman in need.

This earned income empowers women financially and gives mothers a way to provide for themselves and their daughters.  IGP has found that the mothers and baby girls are protected in these villages when the women have an opportunity to earn an income for their families. 

For every $1000 we raise, we can give ONE COW to a family.

Cow loans are just one integral component to a holistic approach in the fight to end gendercide in India.